RocketShip Tours and XCOR Aerospace have developed a comprehensive program that emphasizes luxury, quality, and confidence. Supported by world-class facilities and experts in the fields of Rocket Science, Spacesuit Technology, Aerospace Medicine, and Luxury Travel, this is your chance to be among the first pioneering space tourists in history.


Introducing the Lynx

It is with great pride that RocketShip Tours introduces you to the Lynx, XCOR Aerospace’s entry into the suborbital space transportation market. As XCOR’s third generation of rocket-powered vehicles, Lynx is a revolutionary vehicle using non-toxic propellants: kerosene and liquid oxygen. After thousands of test-firings, XCOR’s engines have proven themselves to be durable, long lasting and among the safest in the industry.

Lynx incorporates many safety features. The liquid propellant rocket engines can be shut off in an emergency, or restarted, if necessary. In the event of an emergency, it can land just like an airplane. Like commercial jet transports, Lynx covers its engines with containment rings to protect the vehicle and crew. Most rockets do not use this sort of safety system. Finally, the simplicity of the Lynx’s design provides additional safety margins because fewer things can go wrong.

The canopy of the Lynx provides a majestic view of Earth and inky blackness of space. Sitting in the co-pilot’s seat beside the astronaut-pilot, you gaze upward, forward, and on either side. The Lynx provides you with an intimate and immediate experience of going where so few have gone before – the edge of space.


Personal Journeys to the Edge of Space

The flight profile of Lynx provides an exciting and enriching personal space experience, which promises to be the ride of your life. The two-seat Lynx vehicle takes off horizontally from a runway with a powerful ascent reaching Mach 2 on its way to 200,000 feet. The inky blackness of space and spectacular view of Earth’s curvature are unforgettable sights while experiencing weightlessness at apogee.

Since words alone can’t describe this journey to the edge of space, Participants will be presented with a personalized high definition DVD recorded by onboard cameras and other mementos of their historic status as pioneering space tourists.

The total cost of the Lynx flight experience is $95,000. This includes a five night stay at a luxury resort during training and preparation, medical evaluation and screening, the cancellation insurance policy, and of course the Lynx flight itself, which promises to be the greatest ride off Earth. A deposit of $20,000 begins the process of assigning the Participant to the training and qualification program.


Your Dream Team

At RocketShip Tours we have committed ourselves to providing the safest and most rewarding experience possible. We have assembled the brightest, most innovative, groundbreaking, enthusiastic and dedicated team of experts in the fields of Rocket Science, Spacesuit Manufacturing, Aerospace Medicine, Luxury Accommodation and Professional Travel Services to offer you the most enriching and memorable experience of your lifetime.

Through the collaboration of these pioneering individuals and their specific areas of expertise, RocketShip Tours is proud to have the privilege and distinction of affiliation with such respected organizations such as XCOR Aerospace, the undisputed leader in reusable rocketry and masterminds behind the development of the revolutionary Lynx suborbital vehicle; Orbital Outfitters, unparalleled in the manufacturing and evolution of suborbital spacesuits; Mayo Clinic, a recognized leader in Aerospace Medicine; and the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain, one of the most breathtaking and luxurious resorts in North America.

Col. Rick Searfoss, (USAF Ret.) Test Pilot
A fighter pilot, test pilot and astronaut, Colonel Rick Searfoss is one of only seven people with more than 50 flights in rocket powered vehicles. His first space flight in 1993 set the record for the longest duration Space Shuttle mission. In 1996, he piloted Atlantis to the Russian space station Mir. In 1998, he commanded the “Neurolab” mission on Columbia, which was the most complex scientific research space mission ever flown.

After graduating first in his class from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Searfoss has made a career out of aviation. He is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Fighter Weapons School and U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, piloted two Space Shuttle missions and commanded a third, and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross. He has logged more that 939 hours in space and 5,600 hours flying time in 70 different types of aircraft.

Searfoss is also an accomplished engineer, having majored in aeronautical engineering and later earned a graduate degree from the California Institute of Technology on a National Science Foundation Fellowship.

Col. Searfoss is currently XCOR’s chief test pilot, providing the team with his unique blend of experience, skill and technical expertise.

Jeff Greason, CEO XCOR Aerospace
Jeff Greason earned his engineering spurs not in aerospace, but in micro-space, developing techniques to set up Intel computer chips for mass production. Intel management presented Greason with a coveted Intel Achievement Award for his work on BiCMOS technology, which later became the basis for the Pentium processor.

Jeff left electronics and entered aerospace when he was hired by the innovative startup Rotary Rocket to hire and manage its propulsion team. He has been at the helm of XCOR since he and three others founded the firm in 1999, and has overseen the development of its different long-life reusable rocket engines, as well as two rocket-powered aircraft.

Greason was cited by Time magazine in 2001 as one of the “Inventors of the Year” for his team’s work on the EZ-Rocket and currently holds 18 U.S. patents. He graduated with honors from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

Jules H. Klar, Chairman and CEO RocketShip Tours
Jules Klar got his start in the travel business in New York City in 1961. With $100 and a revolutionary idea, he founded $5-A-Day Tours in partnership with Arthur Frommer. His company became one of the most successful wholesale travel organizations in America. During his career, Jules has sent hundreds of thousands of American tourists to every part of the globe.

Known as an innovator in the industry, Jules developed RocketShip Tours to act as General Sales Agent for XCOR Aerospace. Drawing on his expansive knowledge of the travel industry, he has put together a package that includes screening, training and what promises to be a life-changing experience in suborbital space. Jules believes XCOR Aerospace, with its record of reliable rocket engine development, offers the most viable technology for suborbital space travel.


Space Tourism Specialists

David Fritz, President of Cruise Everything, represents RocketShip Tours exclusively in Southwest Florida. Mr. Fritz received accreditation following a successful completion of a comprehensive course of study developed by RocketShip Tours. For additional details or questions regarding a space cruise, contact David Fritz at 1-800-959-7447, ext 16 or click below to send a message.

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